The word of the head


Dear friends!

I have the honor to introduce to you the Chair of Management and Logistics of the Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies.

The department has many years of experience and powerful intellectual potential in the field of manager training, conducts an active international activity and prepares specialists for various countries of the world, associate professors, professors with practical experience will work with you. The department employs certified business trainers who actively use training technologies in training; the department conducts active scientific work, carries out state budgetary subjects, prepares post-graduate students, doctoral students.

We use in training: multimedia technologies with modern equipment; educational computer programs and products; interactive learning technologies – trainings, business games, discussions, problem lectures, presentations.

Our competitive advantages: universality; in-depth linguistic, computer and technological training; high professionalism; long-term experience; creativity.

ACHIEVEMENTS OF OUR STUDENTS: winners of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad on “Management”, “Logistics”; winners of the All-Ukrainian competition of scientific and diploma works on management and logistics; participants of the student’s championship Global Management Challenge Junior in strategic management.

The versatility of the training makes it possible for graduates to successfully work at manufacturing enterprises of various industries, in investment and development companies, banks, financial institutions, hospitality and tourism enterprises.

Our graduates work: PAO KB Privatbank, Production and Commercial Firm “Olir” LTD, CJSC “GPZKU” “Odesa KPKH”, LLC Firm “Garmash”, LLC “Selcom”, International airport “Lviv”, Odessa seaport, JSC Odessakonditer “, LLC Restaurant Fratelli, SEC” Limanskiy “, JSC” Odessavinprom “, LLC” Hotel Complex “Yunost” », NPP” Niva “, Restaurant complex” Riviera “.


Bachelor of Management is a specialist with basic knowledge of general humanities, natural science, general economics and professionally oriented disciplines, possesses the basic practical skills necessary for the successful resolution of operational practical tasks.

Master of Management – holds positions in the administration of enterprises and organizations of the food and processing industries and in the sphere of hotel and restaurant services, in consulting centers, innovative structures, central state and regional government bodies.

The management of hotel and restaurant facilities is one of the most promising specialties at the present stage of the world economy development. The main task of specialists working in modern hotels and restaurants is the creation and implementation of the latest technologies in management, ensured by collective efforts of employees of all services, constant and effective control, improvement of forms and methods of service, study and implementation of best practices, new technology and technologies.

Specialty “LOGISTICS”

Logistics is a young science that is rapidly developing all over the world, teaches effective management of all kinds of flows in the enterprise, saves time, production, money, space, equipment. The manager-logist develops optimal management solutions to achieve competitive advantages.

Logistics tourism – the latest scientific and practical direction, exploring the logistics features of the tourism industry.

The logistics of hotel and restaurant business is an applied direction of logistic theory and practice, illustrating the considerable potential of logistics for increasing the effectiveness of each individual type of business, regardless of whether it is related to the sphere of material production or the sphere of services. The structure of logistics in the ORB is divided into two separate, closely related parts – the logistics of hotel services and logistics of restaurant services.

Logistics of foreign economic activity (international transport) – diagnostics, examination, development of the strategy of foreign economic activity of the enterprise; management of international projects, logistics; support of international shipments, shipments and sea freight; customs clearance of goods, stevedore escort.


Public management is the search for a better way to use resources to achieve the priority goals of social development, jointly organized by the government, representative government and society.

Today, there is a need in the labor market for specialists who possess the management skills necessary to provide administrative services in the public sphere, who are familiar with the principles, functions and ethics of official activity in the bodies of state power and local self-government, capable of organizing and leading social activities aimed at the realization of social significant projects.

Public administration is the activity of subjects of public administration, regulated by laws and other regulatory legal acts, connected with the implementation of management functions in ways defined in instructions, regulations and procedures, which focuses on the implementation of directives, orders, orders, etc.

The goal: training of specialists for work in the executive and local government bodies, public organizations that can provide a socially acceptable level of providing administrative services on the principles of openness, transparency, accountability, professionalism.

WHOM YOU WILL BE: the highly experienced experts in the management of organizations and logistics at enterprises of various industries.
WHAT YOU CAN DO: create and run your own business, as well as work in senior positions of middle and senior management of enterprises of all forms of ownership; managers for the production of goods and services of small, medium and large enterprises; heads of departments of strategic development of the organization; Supply and marketing managers; Managers – analysts.

So, if you are dreaming of mastering the career of a manager and a logistician, join the intellectual elite and succeed – do not doubt!

The doors of our academy are always open to you. We will give you the opportunity to get high-quality knowledge and skills, inherent in the modern manager.

Our contacts:

ONAFT, Kanatnaya, 112, m. Of Odessa, Ukraine,

Yours faithfully I.Savenko!