Protection of master dissertations at the Department of Management and Logistics

    Protection of master diploma held on 16th and 17th of March 2017. In the department, the protection Graduation is an important event, because it is the final summing up of teachers and students, the ceremonial announcement of the results of their joint fruitful work. Warm greetings, joy and excitement of graduates, all present positive emotions create a sublime atmosphere of celebration. With a welcoming speech to the graduates turned a head of the department of management and logistics, Doctor of Economics, Professor Savenko I.I.. Sounded sincere greetings from Dean Faculty of Management Marketing and Logistics, PhD, associate professor Aheeva I.M.. She congratulated the graduates of the new stage of their lives and wished them a successful career, good health and implementation of plans and ideas. Finally added that in front of you today life opens a new horizons. Let them be clear and let the diploma which you obtained be not only a document on higher education, but also a reliable guide for the professional way, pride and a sign of belonging to a family of thousands of Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies.

      Graduates and teachers thanked the leadership for obtaining knowledge fatherly care and concern from the leadership of the dean, teachers. This year, 20 graduates defended diploma, Boiko A., Petrochko N., Mar’yanska S.-V., Markov G. receive a diploma with “distinction”. According to the results of the master’s diploma monograph “Reconstructive type of adapting the real economy and science of Ukraine to conditions of post-industrial society” was published.