History of the department

Savenko I.I.
Savenko I.I.

The Department of Management and Logistics writes its history from the 1st of September, 1954, when the Department of Enterprise was organized on the basis of the Department of Enterprise and Industry Economics.

The first teachers of the department were docents M.H. Ugolik, L.V. Bartashov, M.E. Rozemblit, assistant S.B. Grushevoy, O.S. Korchak, A.I. Pershutina, G.G. Poznyakova.

In the 1960s the department taught five disciplines to students of all specialties. At that time ft the department began to work: senior teachers G.G. Pidzolov, Z.I. Bovli, assistant V.S. Meshcheryakova, A.M. Krasnova.

In 1967 young teachers came to the department: B.V. Burkina, I.A. Dovgih, V.T. Kostyuk, O.I. Rudnev, V.P. Semibratov, S.K. Kharichkov.

The 70’s and the first half of the 80’s are the period of the opening of new specialties, the rapid growth of the contingent of students, the intensification of educational and scientific and methodological work, the formation of new scientific schools, the strengthening of communication science with production. At this time, the composition of the department was replenished with new skilled personnel: А.М. Bogatyryov, T.M. Voloshina, N.E. Zherebina, A.K. Makarov, F.Z. Mardarovsky, L.P. Popov, K.P. Prikhodko and young teachers: T.V. Yerokhin, O.M. Holodonuk, L.I. Koroleva, L.E. Leonova, P.V. Osipov, I.V. Pylypishin, Z.I. Chabarova, N.A. Chernyavskaya.

С.Б. Грушевой
S.B. Grushevoy
А.К. Макаров
A.K. Makarov
А.М. Богатирьов
A.M. Bogatyrev

In 1970, the head of the department was assistant professor Sergei Borisovich Grushevoy, in 1978 – associate professor Andrei Konstantinovich Makarov, in 1988 – associate professor Anatoly Mikhailovich Bogatyrev.

Until 2001, the department, together with the Department of Economics, was a graduate of the specialty “Economics and organization of food products industry”, as well as carried out economic training of specialists in all technological and technical specialties.

Колектив кафедри Організації підприємств, 70-і роки Зліва направо, перший ряд: З. І. Бовлі, М. Х. Уголік, Л. В. Барташов, Мільман; другий ряд: О. С. Корчак, А. М. Краснова, А. І. Першутіна, В. Т. Костюк, А. І. Малаховцева, С. Б. Грушевой, Нухімзон
Collective of the Department of Enterprise Organization, 1970’s. From left to right, the first row: S.I. Bovly, M.H. Ugolik, L.V. Bartashev, Milman; second row: А.С. Korchak, A.N. Krasnova, A.I. Pershutina, V.T. Kostyuk, A.I. Malakhovtseva, S.B. Grushevoy, Nukhimzon

Since 1996, the department has started training specialists of a new profile in the field of “Management of Organizations”, which caused the need to replenish the staff. In 1980-1990, the department came: I.M. Aheyeva L.A. Bogun, M.G. Braiko, O.D. Brener, S.F. Volkova, O.O. Golubionkova, T.A. Gubanova, T.A. Hubry, I.O. Kuznetsova, E.V. Lazareva, І.І. Savenko, I.O. Sedikova, V.O. Chabarov. During this period, teachers actively conduct teaching and methodical work.

In 2003 the department was renamed into the Department of Enterprise Management. Since 2005 the department is headed by associate professor Igor Ivanovich Savenko. In 2007 the department was renamed the Department of Marketing and Logistics.

Since 2008 the department has started training of specialists in the field of “Management” specialization “Logistics”. Postgraduates A.V. Lazutkina, V.A. Drozdova, M.D. Mileva were accepted into the department.

Ф.З. Мардаровський
F.Z. Mardarovsky

Fifty years at the department worked as a teacher A.I. Pershutina, who made a lot of efforts in the creation and establishment of the department. T.M. Voloshina and Z.I. Shevchenko worked for more than thirty years at the department. Labor activity at the department was started by B.V. Burkyns’kyi, now – Doctor of Economics, academician, director of the Institute of Market Problems and Economic and Environmental Research. During the period of 1954-1979, the department worked as a well-known scientist in the field of organization and economics – Doctor of Economics, professor L.V. Bartashov. He issued a series of tutorials, including «Technical and economic calculations at designing and manufacturing of cars», «Organization and economy of technical preparation of production». Among his many students – the teachers of the department N.E. Zherebina and Ye.V. Lazarev. From 1976 to 2002, at the department worked a famous scientist in the field of management, Doctor of Economics, Professor F.Z. Mardarovsky. Under his leadership, the faculty trained five candidates of economic sciences. Under the direction of associate professor K.P. Prikhodko (1976-1998), four candidate’s theses were defended. Associate Professor A.M. Bohatyryov issued three teaching aids, prepared to defend three postgraduate students, published a monograph on problems of enterprise planning with Professor A.I. Butenko.

Колектив кафедри Менеджменту і логістики, 2017 р. Перший ряд, зліва направо: І. О. Седікова, І. М. Агеєва, І. І. Савенко, Л. Л. Гордієнко, С. О. Бірюкова; другий ряд: Ю. С. Левчук, К. Б. Козак, В. А. Дроздова, Є. М. Коренман, Ю. В. Дяченко; третій ряд: С. В. Селіхов, І. Д. Арбузов, Р. А. Чернякова, І. О. Відоменко, В. А. Іваненко, О. Б. Каламан, Л. Є. Леонова; четвертий ряд: О. Д. Бренер, С. А. Бондаренко, Л. П. Попов, Н. В. Мельник, І. В.Крупіца
The staff of the Department of Management and Logistics, 2017. The first row, from left to right: I.A. Sedikova, I.M. Ageeva, I.I. Savenko, L.L. Gordienko, S.A. Biryukov; second row: Yu.S. Levchuk, K.B. Kozak, V.A. Drozdova, E.M. Korenman, Yu.V. Dyachenko; third row of S.V. Selikhov, I.D. Arbuzov, R.A. Chernyakova, I.A. Vidomenko, V.A. Ivanenko, О.B. Kalaman, L.E. Leonova; fourth row: A.D. Brener, S.A. Bondarenko, L.P. Popov, N.V. Melnik, I.V. Krupitsa

At the department since its creation traditionally conducted research work on relevant topics. In the 60s and 70s – under the guidance of M.H. Ugolica, L.V. Bartashova and S.B. Hrushevogo; in the 70’s and 80’s – under the guidance of associate professor A.K. Makarov. The teachers of the department participated in the development of a methodology for improving the organizational structure of management at the Odessa Beer Association, the Odessa confectionery factory and other enterprises. The head of scientific topics was F.D. Mardarovsky. Under the direction of associate professor K.P. Prykhodko conducted a development to improve the organization of repair services for canning enterprises. In 1970, under the leadership of L.V. Bartashov, department developed the “Regulations and norms of planned and preventive repairs in the field of bakery products”. A special place is taken in 1996, “Instruction on planning, accounting and calculation of turnover costs, calculation of selling prices for bakery products and tariffs for services at procurement enterprises”, among authors – associate professor A.M. Bogatyrev, L.P. Popov. In 2003, with the active participation of the staff of the Department of Associate Professors A.M. Bogatyrev, L.P. Popov, I.O. Kuznetsova, postgraduate student I.O. Vidomenko, on the basis of new accounting standards, methodological materials on the planning of the production cost of flour-grubbing and mixed-feed enterprises, as well as the cost of turnover at grain-receiving enterprises were developed.

In June 2013 the department is renamed into the Department of Management and Logistics.

Since 2008 teachers of the department have published eight monographs. Under the direction of the head of the department, professor I. I. Savenko I.O. Sedikova, A.V. Lazutkina, V.A. Drozdova, O.E. Kilinchuk, N.O. Dombrovsky, K.B. Kozak, O.B. Kalaman defended their Ph.D. thesis. Doctoral theses have been defended by I.I. Savenko (2011) and I.O. Sedikova (2016).