Examination of production at the Odessa factory of sparkling wines

The students of the department of management and logistics closely cooperate with the leading enterprises of the food industry and processing industry in Odessa. So, on February 16 and 23, 2017, students of the 3rd, 4th and 5th courses, specialties “Management”, were invited as experts for conducting tasting of 9 types of sparkling wines (champagne) of various producers at the Odessa Champagne Wine Plant.

Examination was carried out according to the classical technology: aroma, taste, aftertaste, associations with fruits, berries. In the course of the examination, experts’ opinion polls were filled out. Let’s hope that in the summer a new sparkling wine from the leading producer of sparkling wines of the South of Ukraine will appear on the shelves of retail trade, with the direct participation of the students of the Department of Management and Logistics of ONAFT.

Separate gratitude to curators of the third year to the senior teacher of the chair of management and logistics Levchuk Yuliya Sergeevna and assistant professor Udovitsa Oleg Fedorovich and our photo correspondent – Boyko Anastasia, master of the specialty “Management”.

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